The Steps to the best Skin Care

The Steps to the best skin care.

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The first vital step for skin care is to clean your face.

Whether you prefer a face wash, cleansing milk, micellar water/oil to remove your make-up or to clean your face, it is important to do this regularly.

Decleor have a great range of face cleansing products, to cover everyone’s preferences.

All Skin Types

  • Mousee Nettoyante Neroli Bigarde Cleansing Mousse
  • Aroma cleanse 3in1 Hydra-Radiance smoothing and cleansing mousse with Neroli
  • Micellar Oil
  • Aroma Cleanse – Bi-Phase caring cleanser and make-up remover
  • Aroma Cleanse- cleansing milk with Neroli Essential oil
  • Aroma Cleanse – Cleansing milk with Neroli Essential oil
  • Aroma Cleanse – Tonifying lotion with Neroli essential oil

Combo/Oily skin

  • Aroma Cleanse – Clay Powder Cleanser Neroli and Green Oregano
  • Aroma Cleanse – Fresh Mattifying lotion with Ylang Ylang Essential oil

Sensitive Skin

  • Aroma Cleanse – Soothing Micellar Water with Rose Essential water

Mature Skin

  • Aroma Cleanse – Youth Lotion with Magnolia Essential oil

Waterproof Make-up 

  • Aroma Cleanse – eye make-up remover with Camellia oil


4 Steps for a Healthy Tan using Decleor

The following, are 4 steps for a healthy tan using Decleor products:

Step 1 – Showering

Before any self-tanning we need to clean our skin, leaving it feeling soothed, Decleor Bath and Shower Gels are of 98& origin, tested on sensitive skin and they come in 3 different scents/uses:

  1. Decleor Rose D’Orient soothing bath and shower gel (sensitive skin)
  2. Decleor Neroli Bigarade hydrating bath and shower gel (dehydrated skin)
  3. Decleor Lavender fine relaxing bath and shower gel (firming the skin)

Step 2 – Exfoliating 

After showering it’s time for a body scrub and we have the perfect option using Decleor 1000 Grain Exfoliator. The product gently buffs, lifting away dead skin cells, for a softer and luminous result. It combines the exfoliating action of fruit seeds, ground sugar, and nutshell.

Step 3 – Self Tanning

It’s finally time to add the tanning lotion and hydrate the skin at the same time, using Decleor Gradual Glow, suitable for all skin types. It is a gentle moisturiser designed to hydrate and nourish the skin whilst building a natural-looking glow. It’s easily buildable.

Step 4 – Moisturising

To provide a comforting and protective extra layer of moisture, the rich and luxurious Decleor Moisturing Body Milk is the answer. Perfect to use all over the body, a lightweight and easily absorbed, the body cream will replenish and energise your skin.

Find the images below for all the products named above:

1000 Grain Exfoliator 4 Steps for a Healthy Tan using Decleor

1000 Grain Exfoliator (step 2)

body milk decleor 4 Steps for a Healthy Tan using Decleor

Aroma Confort Body Moisturising milk (step 4)


gradula glow 4 Steps for a Healthy Tan using Decleor

Gradual Glow Tanning Moisturiser  (step 3)

D06PvvLWoAAByEu 4 Steps for a Healthy Tan using Decleor

Shower & Bath Gels (step 1)