Spring is in the Hair

So Spring is in the air and we have finally parted with the sweets, working hard on the unwanted pounds, had the big debate in the wardrobe about what stays another season or what hits the refuge sack.

Spring colours hit the duvet on the bed and the storage presses get the decluttering once again. So what about you!

Yes it’s time to move yourself into spring, a fresh younger updated new you, so let’s get started. Let people know you still exist on this planet, start with your hair cut, when have you last changed it, even if it’s an updated fringe, get excited with a new look that is easily managed and suits you, there is a world of hair styles waiting for you.

Next, colour… do you even know what’s in this season, come on shake your self off, get the latest hair colour trends global balayage, contouring, melting, the list is endless, your hair stylist is buzzing to go so what are you waiting for.

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New season, new you, it’s your hair, so love it!

by Catherine McElligott

Your colour guide 2016

   The new year is approaching fast so get ready, be right on trend, a new year a new you!

Get ready for the trends that will earn you a lot of double takes? “Colour melting” ever heard of it? you soon will it is a new technique for you that creates multidimensional tones of colour melting through the hair to create a natural look that reflects texture body and shine. Copper is going to be the most popular shade for 2016 so plan your wardrobe right intense copper with lots of gloss!

If your a cool blonde get ready to change things up soft pastel blonde is about to get big! Or soften up with sandy and beige tones.When you look at someone with multi blonde tones contoured through the hair it makes the colour individual to your face, shape and skin tone, so customise your highlights to your features.

For those  who want to be bold deep purple, burgundy, rose gold and peaches will take over the cool grays and soft violets from last year, so make it look like you were born with it. More colour means more care add olaplex a bond multiplier that dramatically reduces breakage from chemical services on all hair types. keeping your colour as long as possible, avoid overusing heated styling tools without heat protection click here shampoo and conditioner that’s specific for colour treated hair click here.

But most of all have fun!

Celebrating Another Christmas at the Hairshop

Christmas at the Hairshop is by far my favorite time of the year in our salon, i feel it is the little things like the traditions about this season which keep us all excited. Small extras are perceived as little luxuries, a glass of jenny’s special recipe mulled wine, songs from our favorite Christmas playlist can set the tone for a more relaxing and mood enhancing experience, but most of all it is you, yes you, our clients that truly make it special for us.

In this time of Christmas cheer, we give thanks for you. We value your friendship and custom, but most of all we appreciate your confidence in us. Counting you among our customers is something for which we are especially grateful.
We look forward sharing more stories and making memories that last much longer than any hairstyle we could ever create. We are always happy to see you in the salon and hope you all have a wonderful Christmas with us here at the Hairshop.
Catherine McElligott