Bernie Herr

bernie herr Bernie Herr

Bernie is a director of The Hair Shop and has been running this successful business for over 20 years.

Bernie is never afraid to challenge what fashion dictates in the quest for perfection.

Her definition of style is original yet realistic and her inherent appreciation of good contemporary design is evident in all aspects of her work.

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Bubbly Monday! -Get your Sale on!

Forget about Black Friday and get into The Hair Shop for your Bubbly Monday!

Monday the 7th of November from 5pm-8pm, Save this date in your diary as you won’t want to miss out on the 20% OFF SALE. The sale also extends to our online store,

We have GHD’s, Steampods, hairdryers, all your favourite Kerastase and Decleor products and much more at 20% off along with a special 10% off Sale on all Moroccan Oil products.

While you’re in getting great bargains for yourself, friends and family don’t forget to indulge in a glass of prosecco too and if you need expert advice on products or just have general hair or beauty queries we will have all our stylists and in-house beauty therapist in the salon on the night to answer all your questions.

We can’t wait to see you all there!

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HELP! My hair is falling out!

03 color 600x450 comp 3338728 HELP! My hair is falling out!

“Why is my hair getting thinner? “

Hair loss is a widespread concern amongst women and men, with over 65% of people affected by hair loss. It’s also the No.1 physical worry for 70% of men ahead of weight and wrinkles.

As a hairdresser I get asked this question more often than not. There are a lot of reasons why people suffer from hair loss, the following can be the main reasons why:

  1. Blood: Get your bloods checked, low Iron levels can result in heavy hair loss.

  2. HormonesHormone changes, after having a baby your hormones will change and you might see your hair thinning out due to that reason. It will start to return to normal as your hormones do.      *CongratulationsHere’s your gorgeous new baby, but sorry  you’re not gonna be looking too hot without your hair. 

  3. Family HistoryYou may not know this but usually the case is your hair loss is hereditary, you may have taken after a parent who suffered from hair loss. In men, in most cases their hair loss is hereditary. They take after their father or grandfather for their lack of hair. Looking like my parents wasn’t enough? Why couldn’t I just inherit their money not their hair loss…

  4. AgeAnd as if getting older isn’t bad enough, and all the other health problems we’ve to deal with you’d think our hair wouldn’t be the one to let us down.. Both men AND women, as we get older our hair tends to fall out around October/November but it doesn’t regenerate as quickly as it did when we were younger, so as a result we lose a little bit of our hair every year, it doesn’t start growing back until the April or March of the next year.

  5. ShockThis can have a detrimental affect on our hair, sometimes you don’t notice until a few months later how much hair you’ve lost, until it begins to grow back. Could you consider the shock of having so little hair as the shock that caused you to lose it in the first place?

However, as always, we have the solution to your problem. There are so many hair care products to help you battle your hair loss. This is a battle you can win.

Now we start to lose quite a lot of hair, in the Autumn/Winter months. This is the perfect time to get your Kérastase Specifique 6 week course to help maintain hair density and reduce the rate of hair loss. This is also important to do in Spring.

You can then follow-up in-between with your Kérastase Stimuliste spray which maintains the healthy growth.

And for regular use during your busy week, shampoo your hair with the Kérastase Bain Prévention Shampoo.  It is advised to be used as part of your anti-thinning intense course as it normalises the scalp.

If you are concerned about hair loss or would like to chat about it, why not come and see me in the salon, and we discuss your options for treating your hair loss.

-Bernie Herr



Decor or Decléor?

aroma cleansing duo pack 225x300 Decor or Decléor?Calling ALL busy ladies!!

Put down the paint charts, put away the Home & Garden magazines, save your petrol money and stop going to IKEA every Sunday. Stop cleansing your home and start cleansing your skin!

Winter is coming bringing minus degrees in temperature, harsh cold winds, and icicle like rain.  So in other words; your skin is about to become Winters re-occurring victim.

So as we say Hello to Winter, lets also say Hello to Decléor.

Inside the Decléor Aroma Cleanse Duo pack are all the answers you need to keeping your skin; smooth, soft, hydrated and protected. No matter how un-predictable it may be, you’ll know you can rely on Decléor to keep you from feeling the stress of Winter on your skin.

If you don’t know much about Decléor than I’m your guide to becoming a Decléor expert. Decléor has been the World’s leading Aroma Therapy Skincare brand for 40 years now and counting.

Essential Oils are the heart of every product, they are the secret ingredient that makes Decléor products so popular. It uses the most cutting edge research to ensure the best results for you. The best premium quality producers are used to ensure that you receive nothing but the best blended formulas Every. Single. Time.

At 400ml a bottle, these bad boys are going to last double the amount of time than your typically sized products. You will certainly be getting your moneys worth with this investment.

The Aroma Essential Cleansing milk is perfect for make up removal.  It is heavenly gentle on your skin and as easy on your eyes as Leonardo DiCaprio. It is a light textured lotion with a fresh sparkling scent that effortlessly removes impurities on your skin to leave it smooth and clean. The key active ingredients in this cleansing milk are the Detoxifying Green Tea Essential Water, Sweet Almond Oil Leaves and the ever important Neroli Essential Oil. Leaving you with a radiant, soft complexion that helps to Protect, Repair and Fight against de-hydration.

The Aroma Essential Tonifying Lotion, infused with Neroli Essential oil is recommended to be used following the Cleansing Milk. Used by Decléor Beauty Therapists to complete and enhance the cleansing process. It balances pH levels, awakens the skin and refines the skin texture. An added bonus is that it is alcohol free, meaning it will leave your skin fresh and hydrated.

Can’t wait to see how much you love it too. Check out the products on our website at; and send us your feedback on what products are your favourite.  Don’t be afraid to e-mail us for some samples, just contact Rosemary on

-Rosemary & Aoife xoxo