Paula & Catherine

  Catherine McElligott Paula & Catherine

Directors and leaders of The Hair Shop CreativeTeam Catherine & Paula are synonymous with compelling hairdressing and a clear focus on fashion, originality, and distinction, Catherine & Paula create individuality in every one of their clients’ looks. 

 With over 30 years experience they helped forge a distinctive mark in the hairdressing industry. Forming and moulding trends, educating and bringing some of their teams brightest lights in Salon to the foreground. 

Paula and Catherine are outstanding figures in the Irish Hair Dressing Industry.  They are not only creators but an arbiter of international style, with a rare talent for combining commercial innovation and committed professionalism.

                                                                             Together, with their staff, they are the “dream team”.

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Hair Toner Help

Let me just start of by saying I’ve seen the tears and heard all the story’s, but all I really want to say is call the hair police and arrest those Women running around with those zebra stripes they call Hi-lights. I have spent so much time fixing this disaster for women in the salon and i have the answer, girls its called HAIR TONER! Yes, would you believe it there is one product that can fix this tragedy before you end up in the zoo! So how does if work? Toner acts like a top coat for your hair and creates incredible richness to your Colour, it also cancels out all the unwanted tones in your hair such as the common brassy yellow or golden orange but much more than this, it softens the look of your regrowth and gives your hair an incredible shine from root to ends. For all your hair needs or questions no matter how big or small, come and speak to myself or any member of the Hairshop professional team.