Jenny Ryan

IMG 6862 pp 200x300 Jenny Ryan

Jenny is particularly fond of working with hair extensions; in fact she wonders what life was like before.

She enjoys working in the Creative Team of The Hair Shop and in the lively atmosphere of the salon. Jenny has now completed her diploma and is now a fully qualified Kérastase Ambassador, Jenny is happy to help with any of your hair concerns here at the Hair Shop Dundalk.

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Expierence instant hair transformation with a taylor-made treatment just for you @Thehairshop

594e4de099796b11c7fd14aadb8e82eefeafd08b jpg visual Expierence instant hair transformation with a taylor made treatment just for you @ThehairshopIs your hair feeling dull, lifeless, weak or dry??? why not call in to the hairshop hair spa and have a taylor made treatment just for you.

Here at the hairshop we use highly concentrated active ingredients that are freshly fused to make a customized in-salon treatment for your specific hair concerns.

FUSIO-DOSE fundamentally treats and instantly transforms your hair for lasting results.

looking forward to helping you all with your hair concerns
Jenny xox


For the kinky client that needs taming

Discipline Curl Whats Widget V1 2 For the kinky client that needs tamingNEW DISCIPLINE CLEANSING CONDITIONER CURL IDÉAL
Introducing kerastase’s first ever 2in1 shampoo and conditioner dedicated to curly hair to perfectly discipline natural curls. Create shape, definition and softness for curls day after day.

This is the best curl 2in1 that i have ever used its great for the kinky gals like myself that want to let our hair dry naturally. Its not too heavy and not too light, Its perfect it left my hair Cleansed and nourished with perfect curl definition in one step what more could you ask for.

I found that it worked best with the DISCIPLINE OLÉO-CURL CREAM which left my hair soft and shiny with movement but no frizz, Its a great one to have in the press for the days that your running late and don’t have time to do your hair or if you just like to leave your hair naturally curly its a must have!!!

Feel free to call into me if you have any hair queries
Jenny xox


How to have extensions and not look like a wag ?

IMG 6862 pp 200x300 How to have extensions and not look like a wag ?These are my simple guidelines to maintain you hair extensions so that they will continue to look and feel natural.

For best results use a wet brush and shine brush to care for & to be gentle on your extensions to avoid pulling on and damaging the extensions.

As a kerastase specialist i reccomend Before washing hair extensions, brush gently with your shine brush. De-tangle the ends then brush from the roots to the tips. Make sure that the hair extensions have been separated in the root area.
Wash extensions with a sulfate free shampoo and conditioner for best results use Kerastase Fluidissime.

DO NOT rub or massage when washing, wash hair extensions in a downward motion. Using your fingers to stroke the shampoo gently into the hair from the roots to the tips.

Apply conditioner, avoid bonded areas near the scalp. After washing and conditioning, wrap a towel around the hair and pat gently to remove excess water. It is best to let your hair dry naturally.  Gently tie or plait your hair before sleeping on it to prevent tangling.

Always hold the hair extensions whilst brushing to avoid placing tension on the roots, never back comb the roots area. Electric curling tongs, straighteners and hot brushes may be used, but avoid the bonded areas.

Wear a swimming cap when swimming or keep your hair out of the water. Chlorine and salt water can cause hair extensions to tangle and mat.

For the first few days of your style, the extensions may feel a bit tight. This is normal and to be expected. After 2/3 days, the extensions will feel perfectly natural. It is expected to lose up to 10 single strand extensions.follow these tips and your hair should look and feel great.

So let me transform you from a WAG to a Dutchess.

Jenny xx