Niamh Carr

Niamh Carr Niamh Carr

Niamh is our l’Oréal Colour Specialist. She has been a member of The Hair Shop Team in Dundalk since 2008.

She takes her inspiration from magazines and the catwalk. Niamh loves creating a complete look for her clients from colouring to cutting the whole package.

Niamh enjoys taking on a challenge and working with clients to perfect their hair.

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Ok ladies to all of you out there whether you colour, highlight or bleach your hair this is a must have service. Basically we all know that when we colour or bleach our hair it’s damaging but this damaging is chemical damage which is the worst kind of damage!!.. But thanks to the products and colours that are used nowadays chemical damaging the hair isn’t as bad as what it would have been say 10 years ago but it’s still there, colour phlex is a new product witch is taking the hairdressing industry by storm!!,, I’m not going to go into a big technical speal on it because let’s face it you just want to no how it works and here it is. When we colour,highlight or bleach our hair the bonds in our hair breaks down but add a little colour phlex to the bowl (witch has no effect on the end result of your colour) it starts to repair the hair as the bonds are breaking,so let’s just say for example ur hair breaks by 6% when colouring,colour phlex will repair the hair by 3% leaving only 3% of the hair damages it’s that simple!!,, so next time you book an appointment ask your stylist or receptionist about it trust me you’ll not be disappointed!!… image 300x300 ColourPHlex

Kerastase Bain Therapiste Hair Treatment


As a hairdresser we tend to ignore the rules when it comes to our own hair, things we would never dream of doing on a client for some reason seems ok to do on ourselves. I am a prime example for it, I go from black to blonde to red to purple constantly updating my look to keep up with trends. I have recently gone from dark brown to peroxide blonde, but all this comes at a price. It means I am in a constant battle with my hair in order to keep its condition right. I’ve used a lot of different products over the years and yes they keep my hair right I can’t deny that, but I feel like I’m putting treatment after treatment on.

But now KERASTASE has yet again come up wit an amazing new product and answered all my hair prayers. So for anyone who especially has blonde hair this product is a must have!!! It’s called BAIN THERAPISTE!!! This product does everything it says on the tin unlike most repair shampoos this one renews the hair from the inside out, so basically if your hair is limp,lifeless and dead it will resurrect the hair to its original condition and you can see and feel it working straight away within a week I felt like I had a different head of hair after a month you wouldn’t even think it was damaged to begin with.

This range in the KERASTASE is a must buy for all u blonde, over processed or damaged hair clients. I cannot recommend this product range enough. It has literally saved my hair and trust me if u fit the criteria this product could save yours to… Keep an eye out on my blog were I’ll be doing my favourite product of the week and all the up and coming trends in hair, colour and products!